About me...

Husband of the Vicar. Parent to two children, an adult daughter with autism and severe learning disabilities and a nearly adult son with a thirst for vinyl records.

Faithful servant to a spaniel.

Was a physicist (I have a PhD: Neural Network Studies of Lithofacies Classification) but swerved to work in an office (my employer has asked that its staff don't say who exactly they work for and who am I to argue with that?)

Not sure how I got out of the lab: I think they left the door open.

I'm a reader by inclination and enjoy fiction, especially SFF/ weird, crime(ish), history, nonfic about places. Would love to receive such books for review, still prejudiced in favour of hardcopy (death to all trees!) but pragmatic - I'm on Netgalley and have a Kindle app and everything! I can be reached via the gadget on the homepage, or as blue book balloon (but one word) at outlook dot com

Also: Curator of an unruly garden, occasional dog walker, eater of soft fruit.

And, latterly, wielder of an archaeology trowel.

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